JY-MCU ENC28J60 & Arduino Nano v3.0 Wiring

Here is the wiring configuration you will need if you wish to connect this commonly found Ethernet module to an Arduino Nano v3.0. I use this module quite a bit, mainly as it’s reliable, cheap, and pretty quick too.

Mine came from Fasttech, and is listed for around £3 currently, though I didn’t pay that much, and I believe you can pick these up for around half that price on eBay and AliExpress if you’re willing to look.

I should also note, I’m using the UIPEthernet library to talk to this module too, you can find that here.

JY-MCU ENC28J60 Arduino Pinout

The pin config is as follows:

3.3V  ->   5v
GND   ->   GND
MISO  ->   D12
MOSI  ->   D11
SCK   ->   D13
CS    ->   D8

I know the pin labelled 3.3v on the ENC28J60 would suggest it be plugged into the 3v3 pin on the Arduino Nano, though it just isn’t as stable when running on 3.3v as it is when it’s running on 5v.

Furthermore, no additional heat is generated as a result so I’m relatively comfortable running it at that voltage for the long term.

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